Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

decades and days

Happy new year and decade and day!!
i am feeling like things are slowing down alot for me as i prep for the coming marathon in the next months. officially we will be in week 33 come friday!
i finally got a supply of raw milk again, this time from demeter cows, and am loving it so much! so rich in fatt and cream my body craves. I eat soaked oats almost every morning and it has become such a nice routine to enjoy fully for me.
I had major desire to get everything ready and make sure we have all clothing, bedding, diapering and breastfeeding supplies ready the last few weeks and there are only a few things left to purchase or find. The two small rooms we occupy in ralfs parents house are so full of a peaceful energy and we feel so ready to be parents.
Baby is kicking alot during the night, waking me up and making sure that i am aware of it, sometimes i feel sleepily frustrated and yet so glad to know it feels well and just wants to say hi and play alittle in the ever decreasing space limit. i am finding much of the time it pushes way out into the right side of my belly, either with its butt or legs. so much action.
New years was interesting for us, we went to some of ralfs friends for dinner and stayed way longer than i thought we would...about 11;45. over dinner there was a crazy heated argument about the future of the world, people eating and being giving to the choice to do organic or the necessity for GMO crops to feed the worlds growing populations. it brought to a forefront in my being what i want with my life and how important creating and sustaining organic foods at the grassroots levels are.
we ended up being in the car for new years, new for both of us, and our first new years to share together. Germans do fireworks hard core. apparently on every street in the city of Koeln people are jam packed lighting off fireworks and drinking. how not many people die is a wonder to me! personally i dont like the loud sounds, and feel like it is such a waste of money polluting the air so heavily. every year ralf buys sparkelers and even though they stink, they are alot less dangerous or loud!a filling came loose over the christmas vacation time when there were no dentists in the office and finally we were able to get seen yesterday. i hate dental work so much!
we have gotten a good deal of snow and finally went out to make snow angels, so cold!!
Ralfs uncle, Hans in the Netherlands, gave us this manger scene, that he made, and ralf made all the animals, with our baby and us for a new holiday scene!
we have found a few really interesting demeter farms for work and living but dont know anything yet about responses. i decided that at the latest we could move somewhere by the 16th of Feburary, but i dont think it is going to happen. it would need to fit really well and feel energetically so right.
Our plan for the birth is to either birth at our midwives second house or in ralfs parents house and send them on a week trip to NL. we want really quiet and small. making space for the three of us to bond well and be together during this huge transition.
My mom sent us this wonderful present of a new style of diaper- Gro baby
we think it will be alot easier and better to use than the cotton diapers we were given as a donation. bulky diapers on "newborn" doll
after washing these bulky diapers, it takes them 2 full days to dry in the attic whereas these gro babies dry in a few hours. the gro babies can be made into newborn through pottytraining age with simple front snaps! (Although we are also interested and wanting to focus more heavily on elimination communication with our kids-potty training from the start).
learning how to use and wear the didymos wrap, ralf ripped off the babys leg, ahh!!
and trying to fix it.... this baby doll doesnt have such flexible legs...