Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

green and greener

as soon as i write a post, its turned on my head and nothing goes the way i said it does! haha. this is life!

we are hoping that we will be able to be back in seattle for Heathers wedding. really really. next week we have a job interview -a trial week- and after we hear back, if its a yes, which we feel it might be, we will buy tickets for the three of us, using the last savings we have. but only if we have the job, as we arent interested in going into debt. tentative dates are May 31-June 14th.

yipee! maybe! we want to find, if possible, a house to sit, if there are friends or friends of friends taking off for any period of that time. and maybe if there is a car we can borrow too? this is full of hopes, trying to save as much as we can in traveling...
the last few weeks are riding lightly upon my being, the safflower fields are patchwork yellow across the german landscape. they smell so good, like honey dripping from the windows of our twingo. dandelion fields popping up in many pastures begin to turn to beautiful wind seed flowers.
My uncle asked some questions about our potty experiences with Vivienne and i thought it would be good to share with all of you:
i am doing ok, i keep having breast infections, feeling really
achy and not feeling so great over all,(the 4ths last week) i think partly due to our
living situation weighing heavily on me too.
we started from the first day with watching vivienne and the signals she gave before
eliminating, and have taken it from there, pretty easy most of the
time, as long as we are paying attention!! we have two potty bowls,
one for the bed, and one for downstairs/car when we are traveling. she
grunts and farts before pooping just like any of us! usually she poops 3-4 big globs in the morning, sometimes later in the day, some days not at all, we learned that its normal for some breastfed babies to not poop at all for up to 8 days!! she is at the
place now where she can hold pee until she wakes up from a nap, if we
get her to the potty right after she wakes up. its totally wonderful,
she cries to let us know when she has to go or starts squirming rapidly, and even when i am
putting a diaper on, she knows it and will cry if she needs to pee
more before i put it on. i am finding when i start to nurse i need to
have the potty under her between my legs or i get peed on. it feels so
much better for the excrement not to be sitting on her skin!

Last week i finished the second really life changing book i have read in 3 weeks. The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff and Sugar Blues by William Dufty. also here. CC has changed the way i view parenting drastically. sure before i was sure i would be accepting of whatever my kids want to do, and not force them into a specific mold or way of having to be, raising them with Feminist principles and a love for the earth and what nature is left in it. But this goes so much further. Giving an anthropological background of how humans live together in the Amazon jungle, the way they interact with each other makes me so sad as to how we live "civilized" now...
SB gives an incredibly intense and shocking h(ER)istory of the destruction sugar has caused. a new thought as to why so many herbal wise women in europe were killed for being witches...they were really telling people to stay off this poison the government and christian church was pushing. sick. and the role its played in the usa...ha so much for free and good. anyway, i have stopped eating sugar altogether. i was eating molasses, and have given that up too. it scares me so much how much damage this refined sweet has/is doing...and how little people know about it, why they dont feel well. the one thing i dont agree with is that it says sugar and meat are corrlative, and that you need to give meat up too. which i am not so sure about yet.
anyway next week i'll let ya'll know how things are turning out!
no pics now as i dont have time...but vivienne is smiling so much!

read them, and lets talk about what was interesting!!