Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

winter continues in westerwald

All is well inside and out, growing and enlarging all the time!
we have so much snow,
and we heard people trapped on the highway were being flown food and drink to stay warm out there, crazy....
This last weekend we traveled down to a small village about an hour north of Munich and looked at a milk sheep farm that was looking for a couple to come and work and live on the farm for 2 plus years. it seemed perfect for us, and we were ready to say yes, but the man had some unexpected withdraws of people who had previously taken the milk for cheese and yogurt production and he finally decided he could not offer us the position now.
alittle sad for us, as it seemed like a perfect fit, but it also felt like a really positive step to find and direct us further. we stopped by an anthroposophical group working with disabled people on the way back and it made me so happy! meeting some of the people working with the cows on a sunday afternoon made me realize how much i love working with disabled people, how enjoyable that can be, when others have the same goals and desires. they arent looking for people to join either right now.
so, as the time grows near for our baby to join us in person, we will move tomorrow to our midwives second house, about an hour from ralfs parents to give birth in a private setting.
we can still receive mail at our current address:
Jessica Linnenkohl and Ralf Sandrock
Rotenhainer Strasse 13
56244 Woelferlingen
i have been working on this knitting project for a few weeks now, and am almost finished making a hot water bottle cover!
ralfs socks finished: are much to big and look like clown boots!
cheers to each of you!!