Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

ode to a rejoicing world.

how spring pulses through my being! how green leaves and white flowers rush head long with their waves of fresh, new energy all over me. a white, long winter behind, the heights of summer yet to come, yea for being alive!
a daily wild salad of a variety of leaves, flowers, wild greens, nettle soup/spinach and homemade sourdough bread with wild garlic butter, meets excited baby with 6 full teeth, two large molars breaking through in the back, and creates a colorful table chair and floor as all of this swirls(more or less) towards a tiny happy mouth. we walk outside(yes she is walking, but for now with the help of a pair of hands) or run or fall and try again, to pick more flowers and wonder at the natural world around us. we play in our garden, which is being continually in a state of growth, change and flow, flowers planted there, picked and deposited over there, and gleeful squeals as bees land all around.
starting kundalini yoga with another mama, gardening, cooking, laughing, massaging, forest walking, talking, learning, kombucha making, backing, building, crafting, maybe learning to felt?. ya know the daily rhythm. singing dancing, in general making peace in myself and with all around me. it is love!

i will be loading more pictures up on facebook, but here is a start:

this weekend our first overnight visitors all arive at the same time-my cousin Kyla, andRalfs mother Dini and his sister Suzi. then we are taking a week vacation to look for work around Berlin, and see the beautiful city! i am super excited, and at the same time preparing myself for the drastic change from country life to city life.
maybe i will write more about this, but probably not so....
over the winter i finally started reading a book series called Anastasia that i had heard about first while at camphill from a crazy lady, then from clay in Wa, then online from another mama. so i bought the first one...and after reading through all nine books am so thankful for such a beautiful image, life, woman, so full of a different hope for the world. it has brought my interest to study permaculture to a whole new level and i hope to travel to the eastern part of europe/russia sometime over the next few years, learning permaculture and more about community living. if you read the books, it would be fun to talk about them together sometime!
over the winter we had alot of problems with getting sick and it made me rethink alot of the diet choices i have been making over the last few years. a huge one is turning away from a high meat based diet, another away from a dairy dependence. aka not following so strictly to nourishing traditions, more towards an herbal diet-one filled with lots of what is growing around me. a local diet, not buying many things from outside of germany(specifically with fresh foods) and ever further trying to buy just from the farmers around me, organic, demeter certified (biodynamic) and small.
i feel really good. and so does viv. ralf is still in another place though....i have stopped my sugar free lifestyle and adopted more a- i choose what sugar i eat and am very picky about what i want that has sugar. and i like it. i made tirimasu for the first time since....and maybe basil ice cream soon.
food has always interested me and i think it always will. now i want to live more outside in nature rather than feeling caught, trapped to cook in a space that is comparatively dark and feel free to eat when i feel hungry, not just at a specifically predisposed time-not really possible for anyone with official boss and co.
thats a snapshot of a welcome to spring. i send lots of love from this beautiful forest and hope it finds you well! may all the elves help you find your way today!